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December 5, 2018:

Check out Off The Beaten Path Vintage Mercantile on to make your trip plans to visit Off The Beaten Path.  Click on the link below to visit the Mercantile's listing. 


November 19th, 2018

Cool Shout-Out for Off The Beaten Path

published by Time Magazine


These Are the 8 Best Places to Retire in the U.S. Right Now

Dixie Cafe

Enjoy a hearty but budget-friendly bite at Dixie's Cafe in downtown Coweta.

 Best for Belt Tighteners: Coweta, Oklahoma

  • 50-plus population: 34%
  • Median home price: $188,000
  • Average Property tax: $1,655

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Fall, 2018

Off The Beaten Path Featured in Flea Market Style


Flea Market Style -

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